The launch meeting of Golden Wheel Group's e-bike manufacturing project was successfully held 2022-04-14


    People are diligent and spring comes early, and it is time to forge ahead. At 10 a.m. on February 7, 2022, the kick-off meeting of Tianjin golden wheel group's Jinlun Intelligent Electric Bicycle Manufacturing Project was successfully held in Ninghe Modern Industrial Zone, known as the "Future Science and Technology City". Major responsible comrades from various government departments of Ninghe District, Tianjin, and relevant modern industrial zones and economic development zones came to guide the work and witnessed the project launch.

President Yang Yufeng introduced the project


    At the launching ceremony, Yang Yufeng, President of golden wheel group, introduced the project in detail to Bai Fengxiang, Secretary of the Ninghe District Party Committee, and Hui Bing, Deputy Secretary of the District Party Committee and Head of the District. The group plans to invest 850 million yuan in the modern industrial zone, and has purchased 150 acres of land to build a standardized production base for intelligent electric bicycles, including frame workshop, paint workshop, assembly workshop and corresponding production lines. As the core of the domestic strategic planning of the group company, this project is aimed at the European market of the Czech factory. After the project is put into production, it will achieve an annual output of 300,000 high-end electric vehicles, and the annual output value will reach 3 billion to 5 billion yuan.

Hui Bing, deputy secretary of the district party committee and head of the district, presided over the speech

Bai Fengxiang, Secretary of the Ninghe District Party Committee, delivered a speech

President Yang Yufeng delivered a speech

   The launching ceremony kicked off in the speech hosted by the Deputy Secretary of the District Party Committee and the District Mayor, Comrade Hui Bing. Comrade Hui Bing said: The district government will adhere to the project construction as the leader, seize opportunities, overcome difficulties, and make every effort to achieve a "good start" for the New Year. Later, Yang Yufeng, President of golden wheel group, said in his speech: The electric bicycle factory project is a major event in the group's development process, with great significance and far-reaching impact. As a leading enterprise in the bicycle and electric vehicle industry chain, golden wheel group would like to thank the municipal party committee, municipal government, district party committee and district government for their care, as well as the strong support and close cooperation of leaders of various departments. After the project is put into operation, it can effectively drive the development of the surrounding related industrial chains, effectively promote the rapid development of the industry, and realize the simultaneous and harmonious development of economic, social and environmental benefits. In the end, Comrade Bai Fengxiang, Secretary of the District Party Committee, delivered a speech and announced the official launch of the project. In his speech, Secretary Bai said that the start of the golden wheel group's intelligent electric bicycle manufacturing project is a key to the road to high-end and high-quality Ninghe "manufacturing strong district". Breakthroughs will surely become an important support for promoting the high-quality development of Ninghe. The government will do everything possible to provide high-quality services in line with the concept of "doing nothing without disturbance and responding to requests", and will spare no effort to escort the development of enterprises and project construction.

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