What is the difference between a mountain bike and a road bike? How to choose? 2022-06-27

Oil prices are soaring, and the cost-effectiveness of driving is getting lower and lower. Many office workers want to change their way of commuting - cycling to get off work, but they are stumped when it comes to choosing a car! Wandering between road bikes and mountain bikes, I don’t know which car to get on~ This article will show you the differences between mountain bikes and road bikes, and solve the problem of bike selection for novice riders~

Product appearance

For most novices who never pay attention to bicycles, the only difference between mountain bikes and road bikes is that they look different. Indeed, there are obvious differences between mountain bikes and road bikes in appearance.Mountain bikes often need to deal with rough and changeable road conditions. In order to facilitate control, the handlebars are designed to be wide; On the other hand, highway vehicles do not have to deal with rough and rugged road conditions, and they think more about speed,Therefore, in order to reduce the wind resistance, the handlebars are designed to be narrower. The frame of the two models will also be different. The frame of mountain bikes is stronger and stronger, and most road bikes are slim and delicate.

The upper side is a mountain bike, and the lower side is a road bike

Road condition requirements

The road conditions suitable for mountain bikes and road bikes are different. In general, mountain bikes are less picky on the road surface. They exist to challenge complex and bumpy roads. Road vehicles have relatively high requirements on the road surface, and the riding range is basically limited to urban flat pavement. For those who want to commute by bike, you might as well examine the road conditions in your city before making a decision.


In terms of riding speed, mountain bikes are slower than road bikes. The road car is reducing the weight in all aspects, the purpose is to reduce the weight to achieve the effect of speeding up. If you are looking for speed and want to team up on weekends, then choosing a road bike is very suitable.


Before buying the car, more people are concerned about the price! There is still a big price gap between mountain bikes and road bikes. Generally, the price of an entry-level mountain bike is about 1000 yuan. If you catch up with the preferential payment, such as the totem Xinghe Xingyao, you can win it by hundreds~

However, an entry-level road vehicle often needs thousands of yuan. In the process of continuous upgrading, it is also very common to pay tens of thousands of yuan for a vehicle. Of course, there are also some brands in the market that produce road cars with less than 1000 yuan. Xiaotu just wanted to say, do you want to try the feeling of having to repair the car just after you get it~

How to choose?

For beginners, the first step in choosing a suitable bicycle is not to compare the various models of various brands, but to find out their own needs and reality (road conditions, budget, etc.).
If the requirements for the car are not high, the budget is not high, and it is limited to daily commuting riding, then mountain bikes are a more cost-effective choice. And the stability and maneuverability of mountain bikes are friendly to novices.
If you buy a car not only for commuting, but also want to join such a lifestyle, usually have a certain basis for riding, the city where the road conditions are good, the pursuit of speed experience, and the budget is sufficient, then choosing a road car is more suitable.

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