For entry and leisure, choose Glory! 2022-04-14

rising oil prize

morning and evening rush hour traffic jam

shortage of parking spaces


Many office workers began to want to cycle to commute 

But so many bikes! How should I choose? 

Totem tells you 

Getting started with commuting and leisure, just read this!


First choice for entry

Lightweight and labor-saving, cycling to work can also be very easy~
24-speed transmission
Meet most daily riding needs
Zhengxin brand tires, the quality has nothing to say!
Honor 200 is the first choice for daily commuting


More options

Honor 300 is also an aluminum alloy frame
With electrostatic paint, full of cool feeling!
27 gears
Bring you more riding experience
Commuting, no problem
Off-road riding, can also control
Need to upgrade the preferred Honor 300

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