Entry-level road bikes within 2,000 yuan,the student party's choice 2022-07-07

When it comes to choosing a bike for a student party, are there any other options besides a novice-friendly mountain bike? In fact, entry-level road cars are also a good choice! The prices of some entry-level road bikes are relatively friendly to students. Although the configuration and materials are relatively common, daily travel is completely fine! The overall shape of the road bike is also very handsome to ride~ Break the stereotype of the surrounding mountain bikes and be the most beautiful boy in the crowd!

When choosing a student scooter, you don’t have to pursue high price and high configuration. The scene of student riding is relatively simple, and there is no professional demand, so it is completely OK to choose the entry-level model. As an entry-level road bike, the price and configuration of the Totem Aurora 1899 are very suitable for students to ride, and in the appearance design, it also shows youthful colors, full of vitality~ The handlebar design like a racing bike will make you feel cool full.

The Aurora's frame is made of aviation-grade 6061 aluminum alloy and designed by the Czech team, which gives people a sense of vitality and dynamism visually and breaks the dullness. The aluminum alloy frame has superior performance and is a cost-effective choice in the case of a limited budget. It is durable and rust-free, light in weight and high in rigidity, saving effort and worry when riding.

The shifting uses a SHIMANO 14-speed kit, which is precise and stable, and rides comfortably. Most of the roads that students travel to and from school are relatively flat, and the 14-speed shifting gears can meet the needs of daily riding. Although it is an entry-level road car, Totem also chooses a big brand like SHIMANO, which is very guaranteed in terms of quality and after-sales.

The aluminum alloy double-layer rim increases the strength of the rim, while maintaining the strength and stability of the wheel set, effectively improving the safety during riding. The tires are also the low rolling resistance tires of the big brand Zhengxin, which can effectively reduce the resistance during the riding process and save effort and speed for riding. While the price of the Aurora is less than 2,000, all aspects of the details are well handled. The sealed center axle is easy to maintain. The paint has all passed the experimental standard. The color is bright and not easy to fall off.

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